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    1989 – Temple with smoke exhaust

    Buildings and objects since 1984

    There are mainly small sanctuaries, designated by gable triangle or correspondingly shaped parts, which she designs, assembles and erects. Barren in form and construction, they refresh thoughts of early tombs, clay shrines or memorials: the battered, crumbling bricks create an ancient appearance, which is underlined by simple tectonics similar to the beginnings of architecture. And “Reliquary”, “House of Venus” or “Letitia’s House”, to which stylized, clearly feminine forms have been added, Regina Roskoden explains her pre-Christian clay houses, which serve private mythology and personal rites in the industrial and mass ages. In structure and form, suggesting the desire for simplicity and clarity, for venerable simplicity, they signal the excerpt from an overloaded, hardly manageable world.

    Werner Langer – Der Tagesspiegel,

    Buildings and objects 1984 – 1990

    Maximum height: 45 cm

    Buildings and objects from 1990 – 2000

    Maximum height: 70 cm